Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More interesting, productive questions

If we want to really embrace and utilize science and technology to further God's work, here are some possible lines of inquiry that seem more productive to me than trying to enable resurrection and eternal life.  These are just possibilities.
  • How can we reduce poverty around the world, and within the United States, especially in chronic inner-city poverty, without encouraging dependency?  The solutions might be technical, but probably also involve plenty of political and sociological sciences.
  • How can we more effectively distribute vaccines, clean water, and other health-promoting tools that are already available so that more people throughout the world can access them?
  • How can we use new media, Internet, and other technology tools to reduce misconceptions and promote the true understanding of Christ's teachings?
  • What can we do to promote, create, and utilize clean sources of energy so that our planet can be preserved?  How can we refine recycling techniques to reduce costs and make the effort more profitable?
  • What behaviors and foods, vitamins, and minerals can help us stay healthy, increase longevity?   
  • Various kinds of medical and chemical research into curing and vaccinating against all kinds of diseases.
  • How can we more effectively enable rapid and deep learning among a variety of learning styles?
The idea of this list is that we have plenty of work to do to accomplish God's work to love and care for others, to improve our health, increase life expectancy, and increase our benevolence.   If God needs us to use our own science and technology research to enable resurrection, we have plenty of work to do before we get to that point.

Many of these efforts are currently within reach, and we're making some real improvement in many areas, but are digressing in others.  Many of these also have current and very real ethical implications--let's discuss and make progress on those issues.

Let's use our active faith to discuss and solve current problems that will change lives and accomplish God's work to improve the human condition.


  1. VBlogger, these are all very good and very productive questions. It is important to address them. I also suggest that every question you have presented here is an essential piece to the pursuit of both eternal life and resurrection.

  2. Vblogger, I heartily agree! I invite you to join the Mormon Transhumanist Association's Rosetta@Home team (ranked 140 out of 8755 teams in the world), which donates spare computer time to gathering data for pressing contemporary health research. Here's a link:

  3. These questions are perhaps essential pieces to the pursuit of eternal life in that they are about us developing God-like love. But they are far from claiming to actually bringing about eternal life or resurrection. You can eliminate poverty and infectious disease completely and still require the help of a Savior to suffer for your sins, forgive you, and invite you back to His presence.

  4. Vblogger, will you join the MTA Rosetta@Home team?